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    Are you in the process of massive change in your life? Are you seeing things and people differently? Is there something waking up inside of you, and you're not sure what to make of it? Do you feel lost and alone? Do you feel "crazy?" Do you feel like you're on an eternal rollercoaster? 

    Well, you're not alone!

    We are all awakening into our divine selves. Everyone is connecting at different times. There are many levels and phases that you may find yourself dipping into at various moments in your every day. It's normal. No one is better than you, either. We are all just clicking in at the times our souls chose to. 

    The beginning stages of awakening are exhilarating because we are like babes in the forest. But then, the real work comes flooding in, and oh boy, you drown in a cascade of emotions and thoughts. Normal. 

    I can help you with mirror work–facing the obstacles in your life by shedding some light on who you really are. 

    Bring as many questions as I can answer within the 60 minutes you are here. I welcome you in a non-judgemental and loving space. Nothing you say is strange or crazy because I'm living it along with you. I can clarify what is embedded within you. Most of us don't trust our "crazy" until someone else confirms it. Expect laughter and tears but mostly kinship. We all know each other at a soul level. We are just coming together again.

    I will use a pendulum, tarot cards, and my inner knowing to guide you. A full experience will be had! 

    Email: info@welovedivine.com

    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine

    *With all my readings and guidance, I caution you not to hold onto the information. Let it flow out as easily as it came in. Holding onto outcomes, times, and dates keeps you attached to "information." These readings and conversations are to help you gain clarity and innerstanding in your everyday life. Everything happens in divine timing. Allow life to play out, and trust that you are always guided and protected along the way. 

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