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    Are you in the process of massive change in your life? Are you seeing things and people differently? Is something waking up inside of you, and you're unsure what to make of it? Do you feel lost and alone? Do you feel "crazy?" Do you feel like you're on an eternal rollercoaster? 

    Well, you're not alone!

    Awakening Sessions:

    We are all awakening into our divine selves at different times and in various phases of life. It's a natural process, and no one is ahead or behind. The initial stages of awakening can feel exhilarating, like wandering through a forest as a newborn. But soon, the real work begins, and you may find yourself submerged in a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts. This is all part of the journey.

    In these sessions, we embrace the beginning stages of awakening together. Bring your questions, and let's explore this transformative path with laughter, tears, and a deep sense of kinship. I provide a non-judgmental and loving space where nothing is considered strange or crazy because I understand—I'm on this journey with you.

    Deep Dive Sessions:

    Ready to dive deeper into mirror work and confront obstacles in your life? Let's face fears and shed light on who you truly are through mirror and shadow work.

    In these sessions, I help you navigate the challenges of self-discovery and guide you through the process of embracing your true self. Bring your questions and be prepared for a transformative experience filled with understanding, laughter, and tears. We are all connected at a soul level, and together, we can uncover the depths of your being.

    Bring as many questions as I can answer within the 60-90 minutes you are here. Nothing you say is strange or crazy because I'm living it with you. I can clarify what is embedded within you. Most of us don't trust our "crazy" until someone confirms it. We all know each other at a soul level. We are just coming together again.


    I will use a pendulum, tarot cards, and my inner knowing to guide you. A full experience will be had! Find out why they call me the "Tarot therapist!"

    Email: info@welovedivine.com

    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine

    *With all my readings and guidance, I caution you not to hold onto the information. Let it flow out as easily as it came in. Holding onto outcomes, times, and dates keeps you attached to "information." These readings and conversations are to help you gain clarity and innerstanding in your everyday life. Everything happens in divine timing. Allow life to play out, and trust that you are always guided and protected along the way. 

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