About Us

We are the whole. Love is the purpose. Divine is the gift.

We're on this journey side by side, a shared path where the lessons flow both ways—I learn from you, and you learn from me. I am you, you are me. As our frequencies rise, clarity becomes our guide. It's not always a straightforward sight, but this newfound vision is nothing short of transformative. 




About Sabrina

Ever since I was little, I have been divinely guided. I never fully tapped into it until much later in my life.

And now with a beautiful team of spirits, angels, fairies, dragons, ancestors and ascended masters by my side - I am being propelled into sharing my inner knowings and their messages. My name is Sabrina. Many know me as a jewelry shop owner of Aqua Skye, others know me as a content creator and aspiring writer, and others know me as a tarot reader. Many more know me as a speaker of TRUTH.

But all these are just labels. Who am I, really? I am a Warrior of Light, just like you, here to heal, to share, to learn, to raise my frequency, to enjoy this human experience and to assist Mother Earth in her ascension.