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Akashic Records Reading

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    What are the Akashic Records?

    It's a vibrational archive (library) of your past lives, present lifetime, and future incarnations. Yes, we live in a quantum field.

    How can you benefit from a reading?

    If you keep repeating the same behaviours or patterns in your life, if you want to innerstand the life choices you make, if you have many blindspots, or if you want to dig a little deeper into your shadow self - I will open up your records and your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will give us deeper insight. Much of our behaviours in the "now" moment originate from a past, present, or future. 

    Here are some examples:

    Personal Readings: Where am I stuck in this relationship? What do I need to let go of? Why don't I trust my intuition? Where do I need to focus? What is holding me back from moving forward? What can I do to unlock my creativity? What is my life purpose? Why do I compare myself with others? And the list goes on.

    Did you know that I can open records for anything that you own or belongs to Gaia? 

    Places: If you want to sell your home but are having trouble selling, we can open records to see what is going on. Sacred sites like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, etc... are owned by the citizens of the planet - we can go into these records. Also, included are mountains, trees, oceans, deserts, etc... Have you ever felt a strong connection to a country in a certain era or period of time (or even now)? We can explore this.

    Business/Career: What's the spiritual purpose, intention, or opportunities of my business? (ONLY IF YOU OWN THE BUSINESS). Regarding your job: I can open your records and ask why you are working for the company; purpose. I can open records of departments within the company, but not of the company (unless you own it).

    Crystals/Plants: Do you want to know where your crystal/gemstone comes from? What are its healing properties? We can address up to 5 crystals, time permitting. Why did it choose you? We can look into why your plant is dying or perhaps, its healing properties or species. We can address up to 4 plants, time permitting. 

    Solar System: Ever wondered why you have a connection to the planet Venus or the Sirian Star? I can open and ask for specific messages for you. Anything with a name, otherwise, I can't go in. 

    What is the process?

    Once you give me permission to open your records, I use a special prayer to enter. It takes me a few minutes to acclimate to the surroundings. When I'm in - you can give me a list of questions you brought, and we can dive right in. It's a loving environment. It's all done with your highest and greatest good in mind.

    How long does it take?

    The session lasts one hour and some. As a rule, the Masters prefer not to keep the records open for too long. It's sometimes better to come back in multiple visits. There is a lot of clearing getting done. After each session, I always suggest rest and allowing the emotions to flow through you as they come up. And always a lot of hydration.

    ***Please note, due to the intensity and profundity of the topics, this reading is only open for anyone 25 yo+.

    If you live in Montreal, I prefer live sessions. But Zoom meetings are available for those not in the city.

    Once you book the session, please message me here, and we'll set up the best time:

    Email: info@welovedivine.com

    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine

    *Please note, with all my readings, I caution you not to hold onto the information. Let it flow out as easily as it came in. Holding onto outcomes, times, and dates keeps you attached to "information." These readings are to help you clear your library by releasing stuck energies. Everything happens in divine timing. Allow life to play out, and trust that you are always guided and protected along the way. 

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