The Tableau Reading is a fascinating experience.

I've watched numerous tarot youtubers and had many personal readings. For the first time, I could see my personal Fool's journey laid out before me. It makes sense and provided me with such clarity, Grateful for Sabrina's level of detail, open discussion and insight. This is self care. I highly recommend Sabrina's Tableau and Love Readings.

Buy her book too! I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME is a fun ride that makes you think. The twist at the end? Didn't see that coming.

Laurie Vines

Sabrina's personal reading for me was shockingly accurate in illuminating issues and patterns in my life. The guidance she offered was meaningful and invaluable and was given with kindness and understanding. There is absolutely no doubt that she provides connection between planes of existence. It was money extremely well spent and I am sincerely grateful.

Cynthia Peel

Being introduced to Sabrina and her akashic records services catapulted my spiritual journey to the next level. I can honestly say it changed my life; it helped me dive deeper into my own intuition, guides and dreams. She’s a very special person who I’m grateful to have found her.
I recommend her services and products to anyone looking to invest in themselves and their own journey. 🙏🏽


This was a very fun experience working with Sabrina for the year ahead for me. We talked and laughed a lot, I never felt rushed, and was comfortable asking all sorts of questions which were answered in a thorough way. I totally recommend. Go for it!

Shaelene Brown