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    Perfect to cleanse your home, office, or even a person. It’s good for creating the removal of stagnant energies. Helps manifest your goals and create a beautiful vibration.


    It comes from a Native American traditional healing ceremony to help bad emotions and evil energy drift away.


    1. You will need a metal or glass bowl.

    2. Light one end of the sage bundle you have made.  If an actual flame appears, blow it out so that it is only smoking and not burning.  

    3. Pick up the unlit end and carefully walk around your space, letting the smoke from the sage waft into the air.  Imagine its smoke clearing away any negative or dark energies in the space.

    4. Be careful not to get the sage bundle or its ashes near flammable items such as furniture and drapes. 

    5. If the sage bundle stops smoking, you can relight it in your bowl. Make sure there is no flame in the herbs, only smoke.  If the bundle smolders close to your hand, put the bundle back into the bowl.  

    6. Take the bowl to a sink and cover it with water to ensure any possible flame has been put out.

    This smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, grown and made in the USA, wildcrafted sustainably. Size: 3.5"



    Lights like a match but burns like incense! Each match book contains 30 strikes and is gold foil wrapped to keep the matches intact.

    Quickly eliminate embarrassing bathroom odors at home, the office and while traveling. Great for cars, kitchens, or wherever you want to add a fragrance or eliminate an odour. Each match burns for approximately 5 minutes

    Available in assorted scents from patchouli to jasmine to strawberry.