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    What is a pendulum? A crystal, wooden, or metal object attached at the end of a chain or string. It is a divination tool to connect with your higher self or spirit guides. 

    Copper Vortex: 1 3/4" long attached to a 6" chain with a metal ball at the end.
    Solid brass core under the plating. Copper is commonly used to align chakras. This shape is ideal for drawing out distressed points in the body. It not only works on the body but it can also be used to repair blockages and tears in the body's auric field. This powerful sacred geometry healing pendulum is suitable for live or remote work.

    Copper Bullet: 1 3/4” long attached to a 7” chain with a metal ball at the end. Copper vibrates at a high frequency, making it a perfect metal to stimulate energy flow. Copper pendulums are ideal for Reiki attunements, Energy healing, or any other chakra aligning sessions. Its properties merge the physical to the spiritual realms.

    Gold “Message in a Bottle”: Unscrew the top part and discover a glass bottle. Feel free to fill whatever you wish - water, crystals, sage, etc… The pendulum measures 2.4 inches long from the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the gold point by 0.67 inches wide. It’s lightweight. Great tool for answering questions. Fill it with water for emotional questions. Fill it with sand or earth for grounding. Such a versatile pendulum, wouldn’t you say?

    “I See Clearly” Crystal: 1.5” long with 7” chain. Need clarity in your life or relationships, or perhaps your clients do? It may be lightweight, but this multi-faceted pointed pendulum gets straight to the point. Love that there are a few nicks in the crystal - it means the crystal has a story to tell. If you are open and ask with good intentions, it may just tell all!

    Amethyst Moon: Who doesn’t love amethyst? It’s the stone of intuition. It’s also an ideal stone for dream interpretation sessions. The silver moon at the end of the 8” chain adds to this divination tool's solid divine feminine energy. It is suitable for clearing emotional blockages and answering questions related to the heart.

    Pendulums usually choose YOU. If you felt drawn to one, it’s probably calling your name!!! Listen.