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Oracle Cards: Soul Journey

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    Have you read the book "I am you, you are me" yet? This book has inspired the creation of 12 oracle cards, with each card's caption and heading being drawn from the book. These cards are designed to explore and provide insights into various aspects of the spiritual awakening journey. The lengthy explanations are written by author Sabrina Dinucci. 

    The twin flame journey is often seen as a profound and transformative experience that involves personal growth, spiritual evolution, and a deep connection with another individual. While each twin flame journey is unique, here are some key themes I've included in this pack of 12. *these are just brief examples of each topic.

    "The Mirror" - 

    Who are the mirrors in your life? Do they constantly trigger you? They are here to show you your magnificence, no matter how draining they may make you feel. Embrace your mirrors. Embrace your dark. Embrace your light. 

    "Honor the Feminine" -

    As we embrace the Divine Feminine within ourselves and honor it in others, we take a step toward restoring balance and harmony. Just as the moon guides the tides, let her energy guide us toward a new era of unity, healing, and transformation.

    "Truth" - 

    Standing in your truth is a transformative process that might call you to step outside your comfort zone, confront fears, and let go of what no longer resonates. But remember, with each challenge comes an opportunity for growth and the chance to reveal the strength that resides within you.

    We plan on creating a full deck in the future (smaller in size). The size of these is unconventional, but it's partly why we decided to do it this way. Because there's nothing "normal" about this journey. 

    Size: 3.6" x 8.5" | Each deck is wrapped in a handpainted canvas by Cynthia De Gregorio (each has a sweet message written by the artist, too).

    Original illustrations by Cynthia De Gregorio | Written by Sabrina Dinucci