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ASMR Intuitive Healing

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    Do your mind, body, and soul need alignment? Do you need an energetic cleanse? Does something feel off? Are you seeking to calm the mind and restore inner peace?  

    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; in other words, a tingling sensation that starts at the scalp and moves down the neck and the upper back. Mainly auditory stimuli trigger it, but I use sight, sound, smell, touch, and intuition. 

    INTUITIVE therapy is similar to Reiki but doesn't follow any set of rules or guidelines. As a Reiki Master, I perform the attunement without the symbols. Instead, I am intuitively guided by my higher self, your guides, and your energy. 

    What to expect in a session:

    • 10-15 min consultation to explain the process and to set intentions

    • lie on the table or sit on a chair, close your eyes, and enjoy the deep relaxation

    • you may feel super relaxed or energized, depending on your chakra alignment

    *Please wear comfortable clothes. Make sure not to drink alcohol 24 hours before our session together. 

    After every session, we will discuss what was experienced and if any messages were transmitted to me from your guides or loved ones. And, of course, I will pull a card or two!!! 

    If you live in Montreal, I prefer live sessions. Otherwise, I can record personalized ASMR sessions (but, we must get on a Zoom call beforehand).

    Once you book the session, please message me here, and we'll set up the best time:

    Email: info@welovedivine.com

    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine