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Abundance Tarot

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    Let's explore the realm of wealth—financial success, money management, career, and beyond. Many face obstacles in a world that often equates success and happiness with monetary achievements. Chasing success can change your game, but tackling the hurdles and tweaking your viewpoint for that real, soul-filling satisfaction is key.

    The blockage to financial abundance may be rooted in familial patterns or even your soul contract. Is it a destined journey for you to navigate the highs and lows and gain valuable lessons from both?

    The guidance is for the now moment. How you apply it in your life sets your path in motion. 

    Leave me your full name, birth date, and whatever else you wish to share. I am a very organic reader - it could last 1 hour or it could last much longer, it depends on where we need to be. 

    I can meet you in person (I live in Montreal, CA) or via Zoom.

    I can also record myself pulling cards in a video and then send you a link via email. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery of the recording. 

    Look forward to helping you navigate your money journey! Go ahead and purchase the reading, and then leave me a message, and we will set up an appropriate time:



    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine

    *With all my readings and guidance, I caution you not to hold onto the information. Let it flow out as easily as it came in. Holding onto outcomes, times, and dates keeps you attached to "information." These readings help you gain clarity and innerstanding in your everyday life. Everything happens in divine timing. Allow life to play out, and trust that you are always guided and protected along the way. 

    **This reading usually lasts 45-60 minutes, but if they last longer, I welcome tips or donations! 😊 

    ***Taxes included in the price