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    Sometimes you need to clear the energy in your home, office, car, etc... Why? Well, because of other people and also sometimes it's on us. Are you moving into a new home? It's a good idea to clear the energies of the previous owners before mixing your energies with theirs. 

    Fully certified in Energy Space Clearing, we use the concepts of Feng Shui to identify the energies within each room of your home, office, shop, etc.. Once we know which area or room needs clearing, it's important that we are left alone to do the work. Like we always say, everything is energy. 

    We use an array of divination tools from smudge or palo santo, sound (singing bowl, chimes or bells), crystals, essential oils etc.. As Reiki Masters, we also perform Reiki symbols in each room. 

    What happens after a cleanse? You will see the change: plants will begin to grow better, more laughter, more luck, more understanding and gratitude. 

    *If the energy is dark or heavy, we may need to perform it a few times. 

    How long does it take? Each room can take 15-30 minutes. Depending on how many rooms need clearing, it could take a better half of a day. 

    **Please note, if you want more than one room, please send us an email and we will discuss further.

    If you live in Montreal, I can do it live (which is my preference). I can also do it on a zoom call, it's just trickier.

    Go ahead and purchase the clearing and then leave me a message and we will set up an appropriate time:

    Email: info@welovedivine.com

    IG: @welove_divine_

    FB: welovetobedivine