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    When our chakras are aligned, our mind, body and spirit are at their best. We have created a mini-pack of 7 cards relevant to each energy centre: Root = Grounding, Sacral = Creative Expression & Relationships, Solar Plexus = Inner Strength & Vitality, Heart = Love & Connection, Throat = Communication, Third Eye = Intuition and Crown Chakra = Enlightenment . There are moments when we feel off-kilter in one or more parts of our body and a lot of it has to do with misaligned energy. Our recommendation is, for example: If you are needing a boost in confidence - find a quiet place, breathe, and repeat the Solar Plexus mantra 3x.

    The front of the card showcases original artwork from one half of Essense Divine: Shalom Thomson. It features a close up of a peacock feather.

    The back of the card are mantras specifically tailored to help you align each of your chakras.

    Size: 4.75" x 4.75" (17 pt., glossy finish)

    It is available in a 7 pack.

    How to use these cards:
    - As part of your rituals or prayers
    - Bring them with you wherever you go
    - Gift individual cards to someone special
    - Keep your favourites in your purse
    - Keep them by your bedside or in your altar